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Do you know that cats develop the same personality traits as their owners??

Notice to cat lovers, your hairball could easily develop the same character traits as you. No, you’re not dreaming.

According to a study carried out by the University of Nottingham Trent and the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom on nearly 3000 felines and their master, cats would easily get used to everyday life and could thus very quickly imitate the behavior of their master.

Does my cat know that I love her?

In the magazine Plos One who published the study cited by the Slate site, we learn that if you tend to show anger, anxiety, depression, loneliness or fear, your cat could feel the same emotions.

Many owners treat their pets as part of the family and form close social bonds with them. It is therefore very possible that our pets are affected by the way we interact with them and how we take care of them, and that these two factors are in turn influenced by our personality differences.”, explains to the Telegraph the researcher at the University of Nottingham Trend, Laura Finka.

Your cat reproduces your stress and anxiety

For his part, researcher Mark Farnworth adds: “Increasingly, we are learning that the welfare of companion animals depends on the underlying nature of the owner, and not simply on conscious decisions and behaviors.”

As the study points out, most of the cats in the study who exhibited stress and anxiety belonged to people who also suffered from these ailments. Crazy, right?

We bet that from now on you will never see your furry ball the same way again. One thing is certain, she only asks for love.

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