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Do you like kittens? Here are 5 amazing things to know about your cat!

Do you have a cat and would you like to better understand its behavior? Here are 5 unsuspected facts about our little companions.

You are the proud owner of a cat and you want better understand his behavior ? This happy tenant who lives in your house is a totally fascinating animal. Interesting to observe, we often forget their behavioral complexitywith the habit of having them with us.

However, cats, kittens and felines in general remain one of a kind. Thanks to their ways of adapting to their environment, but also to their particularities depending on a situation, with other cats or humans.

We could do a whole book on the subject of cats. But, in this article, we are going to focus on 5 aspects of these little companions who populate our lives. Let’s go !

Felines: solitary, but not for too long

Whether we’re talking about cats, tigers, lions, pumas… Felines are all globally the same behaviorally. And your cat is really no exception. Finally, a cat is none other thana wild cat that has been domesticated with time. We’re willing to bet we could have done the same with a lynx if it couldn’t kill us.

A pack system in felines: mutual aid and interest in the cat

In any case, it is clear that felines are animals quite lonely. At least, that’s what it seems! In reality, a cat is a very small feline that love the company. In the wild or as an alley cat, he can to manage all alone, but he is very often accompanied by other cats in order to feel less alone.

Furthermore, the pack system lions or tigers prove it to us. Felines help each other, in their own way. Domesticated, these animals are now closer to humans than to their fellow creatures. But, that is explained. Already because your cat has admitted you as part of his “pack”. For him, you are the alphaif we go further.

An adaptability to find THE best community

But also, because you feed him, pamper him and offer him a roof under which to shelter. If you were to miss these attentions, your cat would have no difficulty in find a new pack leader.

Indeed, felines, by their pre-domestication instinct, are always looking for the place where he can best evolve. If the grass is greener elsewhere, his communitarian side and his solitary instinct will push him to find a new home, with other companions. In addition to a certain voluntary servitude acquired over time, the cat is therefore not so lonely since it willingly lets itself be caught up in the better community he will find on his way.

Behavior of a cat: these little signs that make sense

You live with a cat, but you find it difficult to interpret certain signs. Do not panic. These little furballs are very good at communicating. It’s just that we don’t talk not the same language. Yet they do everything they can to tell you what they want. Here is a small non-exhaustive list of behavioral signs and their interpretation.

  • Whether a cat rubs against you or your furniture, it would mean that he feels confident with you or in the place. Indeed, he releases his pheromones there and indicates by this gesture that this furniture (and you) are his.
  • When a cat gently close your eyes looking at you often means that he likes you. It’s a “kiss”, in a way.
  • Cats stand on end puff their tails when they are frightened or surprised. It can also transcribe another disorder, psychological. It is proven that cats have feelings and can even have trauma.
  • Otherwise, when he purrsit means that he is happy OR that he is afraid and uses this purr to reassure himself.
  • The cats are smart and often when they are hungry or want to go out, they approach the bowl or the door, meowing.
  • Our cats do not meow in the presence of other cats. In reality, they communicate together without this word. Thus, meowing is exclusively meant to communicate with us humans. A tremendous form of adaptability.

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Having a cat also means living with a “great” hunter

Also know that cats are born hunters. Besides, do not imagine that they are omnivores. Felines are carnivores. Giving these animals only vegetables or no meat is a form of animal abuse. To survive, they always had used to hunting in nature. This is why our domestic cats hunt too. The difference ? Ours already have food at home. So most often they don’t need hunting.

cute little kitten

On the other hand, it is true that they play with their prey without actually eating them. They can even kill them with no regrets. So it comes from their deep instinct and it’s totally natural. Afterwards, I didn’t say that the cats were from good hunters. Mine, which I soberly called Watermelon, knows how to catch flies without difficulty. On the other hand, larger animals… That’s another story. Each of our little 3-legged animals are different and their skills specific to each case.

The famous “quarter of an hour of madness” explained

Who has this never happened to? Your kitten or your adult starts running around, knocking over all the furniture. Then, suddenly, he throws himself on a rug and raises his head, his eyes wide and his tail ruffled. This crazy moment, commonly called the “quarter of an hour of madness” is common to all cats. They all already had this episode of intense euphoria.

But, then, why? In fact, there are not really studies on the subject, for the moment. However, it would seem that cats are sensitive animals. Because of this, their emotions surface often and very intensely. Especially since these animals only have room for one or two emotions simultaneously. Therefore, they take a lot of space at a time T.

The quarter of an hour of madness is a mix between an emotion of intense happiness and fear. We could also equate this to a rush of adrenaline. The same way a cat will bite your calves to say hello, grab you with its teeth and push you away with its hind legs…

This episode of madness is a moment of contradiction in her head, between nervousness and love. It’s the same process as when a human wants to “crush” something cute.

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Empathetic and useful animals in all situations

Finally, we wanted to draw your attention to the usefulness of this animal, the cat. The latter is useful for many situations. For us humans it is a great company. It doesn’t seem like it, but this animal is very empathetic. He senses when you’re hurting. On the contrary, it is not not very demonstrative, but that everyone knows.

But, when you’re not feeling well, it’s a very good support. It will purr by your side, sleep with you, in short, express its presence. Furthermore, it is proven that purring is beneficial for men. Its purpose is to calm the nerves, in your pet, but also in us.



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