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Five Greek specialties to try this summer

The summer food trend is tasty, diverse, fresh and healthy: it’s Greek cuisine!

Forget Lebanese hummus, Asian bao or Mexican burito, a new street food trend is gaining popularity: Greek street food. Long live the souvlaki and tzatziki, on the way to steaks and kolokithakia…

Greek cuisine is indeed experiencing a huge boom. Deliveroo, for example, has seen a 65% increase in Greek restaurants. In two years, the number of Greek restaurants present on the platform has increased from 30 to 83. Most of them are located in Brussels, but also in Turnhout, where you can eat moussaka, stifado or gyros pita .

  1. Souvlaki
    These popular skewers made with meat (pork or chicken) or grilled vegetables are essential during a Greek meal. Souvlaki is the national hero of the Greeks.

Taste the souvlaki via deliveroo.be at The Olive Street Food in Bruges, Amvrosia and Persefon in Antwerp and at Stick That Meat in Brussels.

  1. tzatziki
    Tzatziki is a refreshing Mediterranean appetizer dip. It is made simply with Greek yogurt, cucumber, fresh herbs (usually mint or dill), olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Thus, it always has a creamy and thick consistency, typical of this sauce.

Order the best tzatziki via deliveroo.be at Santorini and Poseidon in Brussels.

  1. The Greek salad
    As with many Greek dishes, the simplicity of the recipe and the use of fresh ingredients are its great strength. And the same goes for the choriatiki or Greek salad. The secret of a good Greek salad lies in the quality of the ingredients used: ripe tomatoes, olive oil, feta, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, garlic, salt and pepper and oregano.

Discover the ultimate Greek salad via deliveroo.be at Greek Traditional Experience by IDEA, Stick that Meat and Kriti in Brussels.

  1. steak
    Eaten all over Greece, biftekia are a bit like the Greek equivalent of a burger or ground beef, but tastier thanks to the preparation of the meat with spices, enhanced by the freshness of lemon juice. Delicious with a little tzatziki!

Enjoy your steak via deliveroo.be at Kefi Taverna in Brussels and at Zorba de Griek in Ghent.

  1. Pita
    Do you think pita is just comfort food? Think again ! Greek pita is a slightly thicker, airier pita bread topped with vegetables and gyros, chicken, halloumi, or falafel. You can easily eat them by hand: ideal for a summer picnic.

Greek pita via deliveroo.be at Griik Street Food in Liège, Greek Traditional Experience by IDEA, Stick that Meat and Greekit in Brussels



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