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Dog: Get rid of hair on carpets and sofas!

We know that for many people it is a real pleasure to have a pet at home, dog or cat. Thanks to all the physical advantages they bring, these animals very quickly become part of the family. However, there is one major drawback! Their hair that invades the whole house. Here are our tips!

Having a dog or cat necessarily means that you will have a ton of hair throughout the house. This regardless of whether it is on carpets, your bed, on the floor or furniture. The concern usually refers to parasites that live in their fur and can affect humans. Don’t worry if your pet has been vaccinated and wormed by the vet… there is certainly nothing to be afraid of, it is often a real challenge to clean the surfaces well to remove the hairs of a dog that has scabs all over. But not impossible. Read on!

The magic product to remove hair from your dog or cat!

The magic product to remove hair from your dog or cat!

There is actually an economical product that can pretty much save the day. For just one euro, you can now get rubber gloves, exactly the ones you use to wash dishes in the kitchen or to do housework. Very functional, especially when using chemicals that can irritate the skin.

In fact, the absorbent texture of these gloves will be particularly effective at getting rid of all your dog’s hair. It’s simple, just put them on and scrub any overgrown areas. These will easily stick to the material without much effort.

Other ways to remove pet hair!

Other ways to remove pet hair!

The other downside to cat or dog hair that should be highlighted? They often leave a bad smell throughout the house. If you don’t have gloves at hand or if you prefer to use other methods… Here we reveal some radical solutions. Thus, you will have a very clean home and cleaned of unpleasant odors.

The window scraper cleans your windows perfectly. But it will also be useful in eliminating the problem of dog hair on your sofas. Take the tool in hand! Move it back and forth across the surface of your couch or rug. The layer of bristles will easily stick to the rubber of the scraper. Continue the operation until you carefully remove all the hairs.

A good vacuum cleaner or lint roller!

A good vacuum cleaner or lint roller!

In fact, a good vacuum cleaner is still the easiest and fastest way to remove your dog’s hair. The device will actually suck up hair as well as lint, dust and bacteria that are spread through the air. Something to clean all surfaces.

However, make sure you have a good device that will be effective and efficient in removing these hairs. Today, you can also find brushes on the market that are specially designed to clean pet hair.

Finally, you probably have at home this famous roller very useful for cleaning lint from clothes. Well, this tool is also very useful for removing cat or dog hair. Feel free to change the adhesive paper when it is well filled and continue the process until you have completely eradicated all the hairs.



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