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Dog owners think it is foolish to feed dogs with rotten chickens

It makes no sense to give it to dogs, he decides. In terms of animal health, we are talking about a dead chicken, with its intestines, with the bacteria that come with it, worms, parasites […] at the end of the line, it will end with deworming.

It must be treated, it must be managed, either by MAPAQ… there must be help from that side. »

A quote from Fred Manseau, owner of the dog sled company Les Opérations des 100 lacs inc.

He feeds his dogs food that he produces himself according to the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ).

Within raw you can get beef, fish… for me it’s chicken. It is definitely chicken that has been removed, which comes from a company that produces for human consumption. [Ce sont] remains, what was left as skin, cartilage, I find that again, it’s in the fridgehe elaborates, specifying that he gets chicken products that are already processed before turning them back into feed for his dogs.

It’s a bit annoying to see that some kennels do the impossible to maintain good credibility in the eyes of the public, but unfortunately there are some that don’t.regrets the breeder of sled dogs, who is the holder of a permit from MAPAQ for its food production.

The discovery of a trailer full of chicken carcasses parked near a business in Trois-Rivières caused a stir on Friday. Among the hundred dead chickens in a state of putrefaction, a dozen chickens were still alive in agony.

Lawyer and animal rights activist Anne-France Goldwater says the treatment of these chickens is appalling.

The person performing the slaughter must use a means that is not cruel. Care must be taken to minimize anxiety in the animal. It must be ensured that there is a rapid loss of sensibility followed by rapid death. In addition, the person carrying this burden must ensure that there is a complete absence of vital signs after carrying out the slaughter.she claims.

With information from Charles-Antoine Boulanger



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