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US ready to bomb Iran – La Nouvelle Tribune

The failure of the Iran nuclear deal paves the way for a possible US bombardment Iran? At least that’s what we can believe from the statements Robert Malley, the US special envoy for Iran. The latter does not rule out a military operation to stop Iran’s development in the nuclear field. ” US President Joe Biden has campaigned on a promise to try to get back into the deal if Iran retaliates. If you ask any participant in the talks, they will tell you that the US played a good faith role in trying to get back into the deal. Mr. Malley said in an interview posted on Foreign Policy.

In recent months, Iran has made progress on the nuclear front. Attempts to secure a new agreement (following the US withdrawal under President Donald Trump) were unsuccessful. And it seems Americans are losing patience. According to Joe Biden’s special envoy, all options are on the table. ” We have the sanctions, we have the pressure, we have the diplomacy… if none of that works, President Joe Biden has said, he would ultimately approve the military option, because if that’s what it takes to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons, that’s what will happen said mr. Malley.

The US is not the only one who wants to stop Iran at any cost. Israel, Iran’s sworn enemy is also in favor of the strong path if necessary. The two allies even conducted mock attack exercises on Iran. Pictures of the exercises were published by the Israelis. The American remarks should not be taken lightly in light of the situation. For some analysts, the current problems in Iran could push the Americans to act quickly, as Iranian power is weakened by the demonstrations that are rocking the country.



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