DRC: At the end of August 2022, the short-term lending window had a monthly transaction volume of DKK 240.0 billion. CDF

The window for short-term loans on the money market in the Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC issued on August 31, 2022 a monthly volume of operations of 240.0 billion Congolese francs (CDF).

According to data provided by the Central Bank of Congo, transactions carried out on the Congolese money market amount to 3,840.5 billion annually.

On the other hand, the BCC notes that no transaction was recorded on the window of permanent facilities during the month under analysis, the last operation dates from May 25, 2022. In total, the transactions recorded amount to 567.5 billion Congolese francs . (CDF).

At the interbank market level, the volume of transactions amounted to 50.0 billion CDF in August 2022. Year-to-date, the volume of transactions reached 1,186.0 billion CDF.

As for the interest rates applied in the different windows, they stand at 6.34%, 7.5% and 8.5% in the interbank market, in the window for short-term loans and for permanent facilities respectively.

To get a better understanding of the money market, experts explain that it is the informal market where financial institutions and large companies place their assets or borrow in the short term.

The money market is a subsection of the fixed income securities market. The term “fixed income securities” is often considered synonymous with bonds. Yet bonds are really just one class of fixed income securities.

Unlike the bond market, the money market specializes in very short-term debt securities (with maturities of less than one year). Money market securities are also called cash or cash because of their short maturity.

Money market securities are mainly IOUs issued by governments, financial institutions and large corporations. These instruments are very liquid and are considered extremely safe. They therefore provide significantly lower returns than most other securities.

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