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Drills, jewelry, silverware, pawn shops are popular in Auxerre

An envelope in hand, the young man pulls out a gold chain. This is the first time he crosses the threshold municipal credit. “I heard about it so I came to ask“. At the counter, Christelle, the account manager, makes a first estimate. He will be able to deduct 200 euros from it. The jewel that belongs to his wife, he must return with his identity papers, proof of address and a tax notice. to get the pawnbroker. The young comes back later, he is seduced by this service: “I need money, and above all, the most important thing is that we get our property back afterwards, a property that is dear to us.

Surprising items pawned

Since last March, there has been an increase in engagement with a peak in July, just before the holidays“, analysis for France Blue Auxerre Patricia Noguéro, head of the local municipal credit bureau. “It’s basically jewelry, but also more amazing things, recently someone brought us a drill/driver. Items that we normally wouldn’t take, but here we adapt,“adds Christelle. Its happy owner, who also left other personal belongings, got a loan of 75 euros.”We notice that there are more and more pawnbrokers smaller amounts, between 200 and 300 euros“, she explains. “It’s getting harder and harder for everyone. Everything has gone up, food, gas tonight… People are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.”_

For those who do not have valuables to pledge, municipal credit also offers traditional consumer loans at advantageous prices. But a binding loan must be repaid. the contracts are for two years, and interest must be paid every six months. Interest that varies according to the amount borrowed. For items with a value of less than 100 euros, no interest is payable.



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