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Eating better while really respecting the planet: here are the solutions

Better than eating “paleo”, better than the Mediterranean diet and all the “longevity” recipes that can be found on the market, the food of the future is the one that preserves both our health and that of the planet. Is such a miracle possible? Yes, according to a group of scientists, who have been pleading for three years, with supporting studies, for the transformation of our entire food system. It must be said that there is urgency: food – including the energy used to produce it – today represents almost a third of greenhouse gas emissions.

Of course, we know the main points: avoid overeating, put an end to waste and seriously reduce our consumption of meat (especially red) and dairy products. But in detail, what should we put on our plates to help preserve the planet from the worst effects of future warming? Reducing both mortality by 63%, cancer by 39%, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and land use by 62%: it’s almost a miracle recipe. And yet, according to a Lancet Planetary Diet study of more than 400,000 Europeans, this could be achieved by eating differently.

Here’s the diet to follow to feed 10 billion people while saving the planet

The reference work on the subject was published in January 2019. It is that of the EAT-Lancet commission, which brought together, for three years, thirty



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