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Essone. A decapitated dog discovered on a sidewalk, an appeal for witnesses launched

A headless dog was found last Friday, abandoned on a sidewalk in Brunoy (Essonne). The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has filed a complaint and launched a call for witnesses. (©DR)

The dead animal was loosely covered with garbage bags. Friday, June 10, 2022, the body of a decapitated dog was found on the curb from avenue d’Yerres in Brunoy (Essonne). Outraged by the discovery, Jennifer, a volunteer investigator from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation launched a call for witnesses on Facebook.

No CCTV footage

“A complaint has been filed by the Foundation and an investigation has been opened,” she explains, adding that the head of the dog, a male Malinois-type shepherd, has not been found.

“Unfortunately, these acts of atrocity are occurring more and more frequently, deplores Jennifer, who hopes that her call for witnesses will make it possible to “find the perpetrator and lead to an exemplary conviction”.

Shared more than 6,300 times, his alert message allowed him to collect first testimonies. Since the street is not equipped with video protection cameras, they could be decisive in the context of the investigation.

“I saw hairs protruding from the bag”

Céline hopes “with all my heart” that a lead emerges for the investigators. And for good reason, the young woman discovered the dog.

“It was 9 a.m., I was driving to work. I saw a plastic bag left on the sidewalk, I slowed down, then I looked in my rear view mirror and saw some hair sticking out. I then stopped and saw the dead dog with a large wound on its body,” she says.

Shocked, Céline then returns to her car and alerts the municipal police, then confides in her friend Jennifer, whom she knows is very committed to the animal cause.

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“It’s very traumatic”

“I told him to go back close to the body to take pictures in particular of his head, says Jennifer. I never imagined that she would make such a discovery.

“For me, the dog’s head was in the garbage bag, but when I lift it I see that there is no head,” recalls Céline, who mentions an “unbearable smell”.

A discovery that still disturbs the young woman, three days later.

“It’s very traumatic. I ask myself a lot of questions… Under what circumstances could this have happened? Why did you abandon the body on the public highway? she wonders.

“This scene haunts me when I pet my dog”

Questions that remain unanswered for the moment. However, according to the first elements, the animal was not injured on the spot but elsewhere before being deposited on this sidewalk.

“This scene haunts me when I pet my dog. I even changed my route to get to work, ”she says, very touched.

“If this person was able to have the cool enough to cut off the head of a big dog, who knows what she is capable of doing to a human, worries Céline.

Maybe we didn’t want the animal to be able to be identified or maybe it’s just a totally gratuitous act of cruelty”.

“If this call for witnesses unfortunately does not make it possible to find the author of the facts, we hope that it will be useful to alert the population and to advance the animal cause”, wish the two women.

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