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the unstoppable trick to benefit from it!

Announced some time ago, the food stamp or food check 2022 still has several gray areas, all the details to perceive it.

The questions that the French are asking about the food voucher 2022 are still unanswered. Many want to know whether, as with the energy check, the food check will be sent by post.

Or will it be sent directly to the beneficiary’s bank account through an organization such as CAF?

The uncertainties of the French

If we refer to what the President of the Republic announced a few weeks ago, the option in the form of a letter sent by post is the most obvious.

As a reminder, last December, the State paid an energy check of 100 euros to the French by post.

This time around, although mailing the check is the most likely option, that could change. And the amount of this check will vary. It will take into account the situation of the persons concerned.

However, the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Born, announces something different from what the President announced. It specifies that the check will be paid directly into the bank account, and in one go. She even specified that the aid would take into account the number of children in each family. So it’s hard to know who to believe.

Another question is causing a lot of ink to flow in France. This is the number of households that will receive this state aid. Emmanuel Macron, during his interview on France Bleu, last May, indicated that the aid would concern the middle and modest classes. This means that the 2022 food check would not concern 38 million French people, as was the case for the energy check.

Help for an emergency

The government took this initiative because of the emergency situation families are experiencing in France. It is therefore not just a gift. Inflation has put many families in financial distress. The government’s offer aims to help the French to cover their food expenses.

Prices have steadily increased since February. According to experts, this price increase will not stop until the end of this year. Indeed, the peak of inflation will not be reached before 2023.

€490. This is the amount the French need to live properly. This is the result of the CSA Research/cofidis barometer. This is €23 more than the previous year. The purchasing power of the French has never been so low.

This inflation mainly affects single-parent families and workers. Young workers are also affected. And there are people who combine all three statuses. What is even worse is that in the coming months other households could be affected by inflation.

Macron’s dilemma

Emmanuel Macron is currently facing a puzzle. In fact, the execution of this food aid project is based on the results of the legislative elections, of which those of the first round are already known. Indeed, the French went to the polls this Sunday, June 12 to elect the deputies who will make up the National Assembly. And for the time being, the party of the President in place is neck and neck with the NUPES.

If the presidential party obtains an absolute majority, it will be easier to take decisions. But given the results of this first round, things may be a little more complicated. Obviously, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, after a good result in the presidential elections, went to great lengths to have a chance of becoming the new Prime Minister of the French.


The results of this first round are rather promising for the two camps that came out on top. However, nothing is decided yet. It will be necessary to wait for the second round of this June 19 to be finally fixed. It is worth remembering that if the majority party making up the National Assembly is not that of the President, there will therefore be cohabitation. The President will have to choose a Prime Minister from among the candidates of the winning party. This is why Mélenchon, leader of LFI, has been campaigning for weeks. But nothing obliges Macron to choose it.



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