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EXAMINATION. Only 31% of the French are ready to pay 1.50 euros for a baguette

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Slightly below the increase in energy and the significant increase in raw materials, bakers could be forced to increase the price of their baguette. According to estimates from the National Confederation of French Bakery and Pastry (CNBPF), the price of the traditional baguette could thus reach the symbolic bar of 1.50 euros – an increase already observed in certain brands.

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But a majority of French (69%) say they are not ready for such an increase. The differences arise logically depending on the portfolio of respondents: 51% of well-off categories are willing to pay 1.50 euros for their baguette, compared to only 23% of modest categories and 32% of “poor” households. Divisions also arise in terms of geographic criteria: residents of the Paris urban area (39%) seem more willing to pay such an amount than those living in rural areas (only 26% resolved, a difference of 13 points ). They are also 34% of men to be ready to do so against 26% of women.

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In addition to sociodemographic characteristics, the survey highlights divisions based on partisanship. Although in the minority to be willing to do so, those close to the president’s majority (41% decided) seem more likely to pay €1.50 for their baguette than sympathizers of La France insoumise (27%) and those of the National Rally (20) %), reflecting possible ruptures between the president’s majority and the political opposition regarding “daily shopping.”



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