The dog Milky, lost since December 18, was found alive in the military port of Toulon

Anthony’s story had moved thousands and thousands of Varois. Frightened by fireworks on the night of the World Cup final, his dog, named Milky, ran through the doors of the Toulon Arsenal after escaping his master’s supervision. The latter, due to lack of permission to enter the naval base, despaired of finding his furry companion, whom he considers “as [son] son”. The Navy had even assured that the animal, an Australian shepherd-crossed beagle, was no longer in the military enclosure. Wrong!

Because we’ve known for a few minutes that the story ends well! Milky was actually found this Wednesday in a ditch in the Malbousquet area. Thin, but very alive, he was in a wooded and unfrequented place, situated west of the harbour. “Thanks to the work of a lawyer specializing in animal rights, I was authorized by the commander of the naval base to enter the military zone, accompanied by personnel“, says Anthony, sobbing with joy in his voice.”We had not been there ten minutes when I heard a dog bark in answer to my whistle. It was milky, tired, but alive…

The firefighters then went to the scene to get Milky out of trouble. How did he end up there? How long had he been a prisoner in this steep place? We’ll probably never know. Like his career since Dec. 18, when the Navy keeps saying that “the dog was seen leaving the naval base the same day he entered“. So what, “the most important thing is that he has found his master“, sums up the maritime prefecture. It is not Anthony, all for his happiness and his “thanks to all those who got involved”, who will say otherwise.


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