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Faced with the shortage of kitchen staff, restaurateurs in Cannes are offering extras to voluntary retirees

At sailor’s barneighbor of their Brown Coffee, Hervé Audierne and Dimitri Vankerm appeal to the elders. A call from June 18, for good food to resist. Because their establishment, like many restaurants, suffers cruelly from a shortage of manpower.

“Today, our profession is facing an unprecedented situation. Either we can no longer find staff to work, or the staff in place want to leave.laments Hervé. In a fortnight, if we don’t find a new chef, we will have to close one of our two businesses, which are however doing well.”

A situation in which the managers, who have invested time and money to renovate the sailor’s bar while retaining the spirit of the place, do not want to resolve.

Assistance with shopping and in the kitchen

So Hervé intends to make two fork cuts with one plate, with this idea of ​​intergenerational solidarity, which has been on his mind for a while.

“I had planned to create a restaurant that would solicit countries and grannies, sometimes isolated and in need, to integrate the kitchen with a traditional dish that they master well.”

The lack of staff, since the Covid crisis, encourages him to take the plunge for a good cause. Exploit the know-how of voluntary grandfathers and grandmothers, for a dinner with main course and dessert. ” We will put ourselves at their service by helping them do their shopping in the morning, then in the kitchen to help them cook for about thirty people. We will adapt 100% to their way of working, specify Dimitri and Hervé, who hope to offer two to three evenings a week with these grandmother’s dishes.

Annie Fenech hands over the apron!

Declared “extras” of course, which will be paid around 150 euros per evening, so that the speakers also put butter in their own spinach. “This operation can both relieve our need for kitchen staff, but also recreate old-fashioned family ties”, they hope. The first “granny” to come out in favor of this project has a high symbolic value. Annie Fenech, former boss and cook at sailor’s bar for forty-eight years, will put on his apron to help the survival of his former establishment. At 72, she agrees to serve her famous stuffed vegetables again, for an exceptional evening at the end of June (probably Thursday 30), or perhaps for other dates and recipes.

An exemplary dedication that calls others to sailor’s bar. As one multiplies the buns…

Any “grandpa” or any “granny” mastering a traditional dish well and wishing to do something extra in the kitchen at the Bar du marin can contact Hervé Audierne on 06 10 49 39 90 or Dimitri Vankerm on: 06 60 03 60 61




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