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how to refresh your dog or cat?

Some French regions have been on heat alert for several days. Therefore, precautions should be taken to avoid heatstroke in your pets, especially dogs and cats. Here are a few tips.

When it’s hot, we are the first to complain about the heat and the difficulty in cooling down. Imagine then your animals, which not only cannot explain it to you explicitly, but are also covered with a thick down. Animals also need coolness in summer, but knowing how to help them is not always easy. Here are some valuable tips to apply now.

Heat: how to protect our animals?

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Sometimes, it is enough to acquire the right reflexes to ensure the well-being and comfort of our animals during heat waves. Remember that heat can be particularly dangerous for animals. The heat exhausts them and can have serious consequences such as respiratory arrest, especially in animals with pinched noses or lung diseases.

Heat can also cause heart failure. Also beware of heatstroke which can be fatal to any caged animal. Sadly, every year we mourn the deaths of pets left in cars unattended.

How to cool your pet in the middle of a heat wave?

To protect your pet from the intense summer heat, it is important to be even more vigilant than usual and watch for the slightest sign of danger. Of course, among the simplest solutions to keep it cool are the wet towel, but also the ice cubes in its water tank.

Also try not to run them during particularly strong hours of sunshine: choose hours very early in the morning or, on the contrary, very late in the evening. Simple gestures that improve the well-being of your animal. Find them in our slideshow.

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