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Fiji Ruiz: His cat has Covid-19? His astonishing secrets

For several days, Fiji, recently married to Anas, has been very worried about her cat. Even today, when little chicken had just been taken to the vet, the famous influencer said: “My little chicken has gone to the vet… He is pooping blood. I hope it’s nothing serious. There he left 20/30 minutes ago and too weird… When I got him back after two days of disappearance, he wasn’t pooping blood. He’s still pretty scratched up though. I said to myself that he had gotten himself between fences or stuff like that. But there yesterday blood poo and this morning blood poo. So I’ll let you know about the vet. I hope it’s not serious. »

Fiji Ruiz: Her little chicken is hospitalized!

Only then, a few hours later, when she left to pick up her cat, she also said the little chicken, at the Fiji Ruiz vet learned that he had Covid-19! You didn’t think it was possible? We neither ! This is why she gave more explanations in the rest of her story. After researching the web, she said: “It is quite possible that a cat catches the Covid, but on the other hand it is not the Covid that we can catch. It’s another derivative of the Covid so we at home fear nothing, we couldn’t catch it. »

Before concluding : “We are not positive for Covid. Just my cat they took a blood sample from him, they took out a plate on which there were several detectable viruses and they put his blood on the plate and only the Covid came out. Basically, I could have taken care of it at home, but they tried to give it to her and she spat it all out. Poor thing right now she must be too lost, so he kept her on a drip for three days! » Definitely! We hope that the Fiji cat will quickly get back on its feet! His story is available a little higher in the article.



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