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Financial authorities: 157 candidates ready to serve the nation

• Baptismal name: “Thomas Sankara

• 33e promotion

• Sponsors: Noumutié Herbert Traoré and Gisèle Gumedzoe

The 33rd promotion dubbed “Thomas Sankara” pose here with their sponsors, the administration and the teaching staff. (Ph. Yvan Sama)

L’The National School of Financial Management (ENAREF) provides financial administration in Burkina Faso and Africa with 157 graduates after almost two years of training. This 33e promotion made its official release on October 21, 2022 at the establishment in Ouagadougou in front of an audience of guests, friends, acquaintances, authorities and especially the godfather and godmother. These future servants of the state and the private sector and local authorities come from cycles A, B and C. The 33e promotion has chosen as its baptismal name: President Thomas Sankara.

The director general of ENAREF, Adama Badolo, announces major reforms for the school. (Ph. Yvan Sama)

According to the General Delegate, Souley Mohamed Roch Somé, this choice is not accidental because, he says, Thomas Sankara embodied the values ​​of dignity, integrity and virtues. Based on these values, he invited his comrades to adopt them and to use them wherever they are to be used. In connection with the exit theme, “Financial management in a context of uncertainty: the financier’s contribution”, Souley Mohamed Roch Somé believes that on 33e promotion has a role to play in a country that is wounded but standing. For him, the financier, guarantor of good management of public finances, has a duty to do better in the collection of public revenues, to do better in the execution of public contracts and to better manage the country’s economy.

Grateful sponsors

Former First President of the Court of Auditors, Noumoutié Herbert Traoré (sponsor), and co-sponsor, Gisèle Gumedzoe, CEO of Coris Bank Burkina Faso SA, urged their godchildren to do better than them. (Ph. Yvan Sama)

The students of 33e promotion chose to drink from the source of the values ​​embodied by their godfather, Noumoutié Herbert Traoré, former student of ENAREF, retired administrator of financial services, former director general of financial control, former first president of the Court of Auditors, man of conviction, gifted with great moral and intellectual civility, imbued with humanism and humility. On his side, wrote a co-sponsor, Gisèle Gumedzoe, CEO of Coris Bank Burkina Faso SA. Of her, Idrissa Nassa, Chairman of Coris Group, wrote this on her appointment: “This decision is in recognition of the loyalty, commitment, professionalism and dedication to customer service of this talented employee who joined the subsidiary in April 2008 and rose through the ranks to become deputy director in 2017.”

“Work, work, work!” »

For their exemplification and their hard work, Noumoutié Herbert Traoré (Godfather) and Gisèle Gumedzoe received trophies from the hands of the General Delegate of the 33rd Promotion. (Ph. Yvan Sama)

A choice that moved the godfather and godmother. In a joint speech, Noumoutié Herbert Traoré reminded their godchildren that professional success requires virtues such as citizenship, loyalty and ethics. They recommended that they serve the nation with honesty, rigor, courtesy, discipline, punctuality, but above all humility”. “Work, work, work!” is the chorus of the brave, because the world belongs to the brave! So work, talk little, act more, for the talkers sow and the silent reap. In short, “make it good and leave it at that,” they hammered to their godchildren. The major of the majors, Biwizibè Kamana (Togolese), averaged 17.73/20. As a reminder, the best students in defense were rewarded, as well as the greats in each sector. The permanent and temporary teachers who distinguished themselves for their commitment also received gifts.



The 157 students come from the following streams:

75 for the financial sector;

26 for the accounting sector;

33 for the tax authorities;

6 for the economy and development sector;

5 for the regional planning sector;

12 for statistics.

All students on cycle A have excellently defended their thesis. The highest grade under these defenses is 17.5/20. For leavers, the highest average is 17.20/20 for C cycles, 17.19/20 for B cycles and 17.73/20 for A cycles. oh

Source: Press kit



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