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Food: plant-based cheese, a booming market




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C.Rougerie, S.Guibout, T.Montgellaz, E.Urtado – France 2

France Televisions

In France, plant-based cheese is taking off, as more and more households say they are reducing the share of animal protein in their diet.

France is the country of cheese with, recently, a newcomer: vegetable cheese. After steaks without meat, nuggets without chicken, here are cheeses without milk, sometimes called “fauxmage” Where “vromage“, because only dairy products can be called cheese. An emerging and growing market, with an increase in 11% in France and 26% in the USA.

In the workshop of the start-up Les Nouveaux affineurs, soybeans, cashew nuts, water, salt and ferments are used to form a spread which will then be fermented. The specialties with a bloomy rind are obtained after refining, exactly as for a Camembert or a Brie. Today, one household in two calls itself flexitarian, that is to say that it reduces or limits animal proteins in its diet.



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