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Messi, police dog, decorated with a medal after more than 300 interventions

A medal for Messi! This six-year-old Malinois shepherd, assigned to the Gendarmerie Surveillance and Intervention Platoon (PSIG), was decorated on Tuesday with a bronze medal from the National Defense, reports Le Maine Libre. This trophy, awarded “on an exceptional basis”, comes to congratulate him “for the services rendered during his career in the ranks of the national gendarmerie”. Messi will retire in the coming weeks.

It is necessary to underline the prize list of the Malinois shepherd: trained in the track-defense specialty at the National Center for Cynophile Instruction of the Gendarmerie, he had been assigned to the south of Sarthe, but intervened throughout the region. Since then, he has carried out more than 330 interventions, including 70 on legal operations. He also carried out security operations for presidential and ministerial visits. He had notably been engaged in 2021 in the research launched after the knife attack on a municipal police officer in La Chapelle-sur-Erdre (Loire-Atlantique), also reports Le Maine Libre.

“His flair will have enabled him to find several missing people and to avoid dramatic outcomes or to direct the research of the gendarmes of the territorial units in charge of these disappearances”, explained to the local newspaper Les Nouvelles Frédéric Boucheron, the commander of the La Fleche company.

The PSIGs “constitute units whose priority vocation is the fight against crime on the public highway, carried out in a preventive and dissuasive manner, in the most sensitive sectors and periods, in particular at night”, explains on its website the Ministry of Justice. ‘Interior.



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