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France or USA? Joel Embiid is sending a big message!

The Dominators, the Sixers got the better of the Lakers this Friday night, although overtime was needed to decide between the two teams. Joel Embiid took the opportunity to hit the nail on the head while avoiding questions about his future. France and the US are waiting to hear the decision from the pivot… who was very clear on the subject.

Author of 38 points and 12 rebounds against the Lakers, Joel Embiid was a big part of the Sixers’ success Friday night. Doc Rivers’ men are rocking with a 13-12 record, which is almost miraculous with the many injuries to the workforce. James Harden is thankfully back while this roster still dreams of winning a title next June.

Maybe it’s the year or never in Philly. We can see that the competition is still a bit tough, although maintaining good health will be the main priority for this workforce. Embiid is the first concern, the one who has often experienced physical failures come playoff time. He will therefore do whatever it takes to maintain 100% of his ability with the 76ers… or his national team.

Joel Embiid is cashing in on his future

Cameroonian by birth, Embiid became French this summer, then American a few weeks later. He therefore has the opportunity to play for one of the two nations in international competitions. Knowing that the World Cup will take place in 2023 and the Olympic Games in 2024, it is an important decision. A journalist tried to find out more after the match against Angelinos…

Journalist: “I knew he would not be inclined to talk about the subject, but I tried to get hold of something anyway. »

Joel Embiid: “I don’t want to talk about the international stuff. Because we’re in the middle of the NBA season. I am focused on my team, to become even better as a player. I will focus on the playoffs to get a result. I’ll take care of the rest later. For now, the priority is to win a championship. »

We can understand Embiid, who already has a lot to deal with with the Sixers today. The season is important, while France and the USA can wait. Suffice it to say, a decision won’t be coming for a long time.

Joel Embiid publicly claims he didn’t choose between France and Team USA. Even so, the pivot has other issues right now with the Sixers, who are playing big in this drill. The rest can wait now…



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