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From jurist to the legal profession, there is only one gateway

Selective and arduous, the path to access the Paris Bar is not within the reach of all law students. But, since the decree of November 27, 1991, cherishing the dream of one day being a lawyer remains possible for a certain category of professionals.

Indeed, thanks to the “article 98” gateway, which dispenses with the Certificate of Aptitude for the Profession of Lawyer, company lawyers, bailiffs, notaries, clerks, or even category A civil servants, can access the profession of lawyer without having to pass the entrance examination or the 18 months of courses within a CRFPA (training center for the profession of lawyer).

Only conditions for these professionals:

– Be able to justify a practice of law, lasting at least five years for some (in particular judicial officers and notaries) and eight years for others (lawyers among others) as well as

– Successfully pass the oral ethics test, evaluated by a jury of professionals (teachers, lawyers, etc.) for half an hour and which aims to judge the candidate on his ability to exercise the profession of lawyer.

In view of what is at stake, the duration of the exam seems short, but make no mistake, the complexity of this gateway is very real. Indeed, the density of the subjects that can be addressed, the eloquence as much as the ease of argument expected by the jury, make it a difficult overall test, which requires studious preparation.

Our institutecreated in 1995 under the name Pré-Barreau, first specialized in preparing students for the entrance exam to the CRFPAs before expanding the scope of its offerings to professional training for lawyers, employees and other liberal professionals working in the legal world.

Among a substantial catalog of e-learning courses, we have set up a program specifically adapted to the preparation of this gateway. Accessible 24 hours a day, this comprehensive training offers rich and varied content, and by its concept, offers great revision flexibility.

Preparation for the gateway breaks down as follows:

-Access to two e-learning seminars of 10 hours each, led by one of our 20 lawyer teachers.

-Training for the oral exam, thanks to mock exams (three maximum), offered remotely or on our premises depending on the candidate’s availability.

Perfectly prepared, the candidate for the “article 98” gateway will then be able to present himself serenely when he wishes and in the CRFPA of his choice.

Founded 15 years ago and based in Paris 6ᵉ arrdt, Pro-Barreau is a pioneer in online legal training. Business, foreign or tax law, social, civil or criminal law… we offer a range of e-learning training courses adapted to the needs of each legal profession (lawyers, lawyers, notaries, clerks, auctioneers, human resources professions …).

Like a constantly changing society, legal professionals and especially lawyers must evolve in step with changes in the law. In this context, whether it is a matter of updating knowledge or improving skills, training is compulsory and its implementation is strictly controlled by professional bodies.

Our formulas aim to simplify the training of working professionals, for whom combining professional and personal life is already a challenge. In order to be accessible to the majority, our training courses rely heavily on new IT tools to adapt to everyone’s requirements and are thus offered in the form of e-learning modules, conferences and interactive Webconferences led by professionals in the right.

Pro-Barreau is also distinguished by an excellent teaching team comprising 20 teachers among the best specialists in their subject, available and responsive to our clients. It should be noted, finally, that the cost of our training can be borne by the FIF PL for liberal professionals.



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