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‘Get ready, that’s all I’m saying’: Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential bid?

“Get ready, that’s all I’m saying. Very soon. Get ready.” Everything is open to interpretation, of course, but this phrase, uttered on Thursday, November 3, during a rally in Iowa, could indicate that former US President Donald Trump is talking about a potential presidential run in 2024.

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Especially since it didn’t stop there:

“To make our country prosperous, safe and full of glory, I think very, very, very likely that I will do it again.”

Donald Trump (meeting in Iowa)

It is confirmed by the Reuters news agency, which states that “according to his advisers, Donald Trump has contacted some of his relatives to develop possible scenarios”. He would “seek to take advantage of expected Republican victories in the midterm congressional elections next Tuesday.”

“I think him coming out and announcing it before Thanksgiving will give him a big advantage over his opponents. […]”, an adviser to Donald Trump would have declared to our colleagues from Reuters.





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