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Granolas recalled across France due to excessive sulfite levels

Greedy and unconditional granolas, beware. Several parties have been called off since Wednesday across France. The reason: sulphite levels exceeding the permitted thresholds in the products.

The recalled granolas were marketed throughout France by the brands Maison Naja and Esprit Gourmand, specifies the recall sheet published on Rappel Conso. Eleven types are targeted and all are organic. Regarding Maison Naja, it is organic nut and seed granola (500 g) and berry granola (1 kg and 5 kg).

Above all, don’t consume

Regarding Esprit Gourmand, the granolas packed in bags of 50 g, 500 g and 5 kg are being recalled. There are several flavors: chocolate chips, dried fruit, chocolate and banana, nuts and seeds, chocolate chips and banana, cranberry and peanuts, honey spices, berries and gourmet granola.

It is not recommended to consume these products whose additives and flavorings contain unauthorized sulphites and in quantities that exceed the permitted thresholds. Customers can take the bags back to the store and get a refund.



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