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Guecelard. Young judges ready to take over

The American Guécélar Arbitration Division, created in 2016 by President Jérôme Mogis, is constantly proposing new candidates. Among them 15-year-old Ronan Verron. “He just passed the exams with flying colours, still excited Yvan Marie, representative of the club. He has already refereed an U18 match. It is a great satisfaction for our club”.

The young recruits have been placed under the responsibility of Jacky Lecomte since 2019, a former referee who was part of the Unaf72 (official page of the Sarthe referees) Guécélard football club

“We must train them, but also keep young referees” explains Yvan Marie.

For the 2022-2023 season, USG has five official referees, all trained at the club. They can referee from the Youth League to the Regional League (R1, R2, R3). “The elder, Dominique Briffault, is stepping down after 20 years of arbitration, but will remain an observer on the ground, announces Yvan Marie again. Refereeing is not always easy, but you must know that without the referees, the games would not happen, they only ask to serve football. »




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