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he will meet the lawyers on the future of the Limoges Court of Appeal

The presidents of Brive and Tulle have requested an audience with the Keeper of the Seals to discuss with him the future of the Limoges Court of Appeal.

The Minister of Justice will represent the government on Friday June 10, 2022 during the commemoration of the Oradour-Sur-Glane massacre. Like every year, the sad anniversary is considered a very special event in Limousin, where it is morally impossible to argue or even to organize a demonstration.

At the start of the evening, Eric Dupond-Moretti will go to Lissac-Sur-Couze (19) to support Nicolas Brousse, candidate for the second constituency of Corrèze for the presidential majority. It is here that the presidents of the lawyers of Brive and Tulle asked to meet him. An audience of about fifteen minutes was granted to them before the meeting.

15 minutes is short. So Aurélie Pinardon and Julien Freysinnet, respectively presidents of Brive and Tulle, will have to go to the essentials.

Limousin lawyers fear that the Limoges Court of Appeal will disappear. If this were the case, the litigants would be entitled to a first trial in their department. If they decided to appeal, they would have to go to Poitiers or Bordeaux. This would generate much higher costs and could deter them from going through with the procedure.

A report from the Court of Auditors dated October 2021 suggests the abolition of a number of appeal courts. The Estates General of Justice, launched by Emmanuel Macron, gave rise to the Sauvé report. The latter has still not been officially revealed. But elements have leaked. Jean Marc Sauvé would advocate the abolition of one court of appeal per region.

5 years ago, the Court of Appeal of Limoges was already in the hot seat. In 2020, appeals on social security cases were relocated from Limoges to Poitiers. According to Master Pinardon, “Since this relocation, there have been 2 years of waiting to judge cases such as invalidity pensions. The litigants are for the most part on legal aid. They do not have the means to send a lawyer during a day in Poitiers and no longer appeal. However, appeal must remain a fundamental right of justice”.



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