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Shooting in the United States: the harrowing story of the survivors


Article written by la Mornais, B.Laigle, A.Sangouard – France 2

France Televisions

A girl who survived the Texas massacre at the end of May gave chilling testimony before the American Congress. She tells of being covered blood from a comrade whose body was next to her, to escape the attention of the shooter.

In the House of Representatives in the United States, a succession of testimonies, as poignant as they are unbearable, follow one another. The US lawmakers listened to the horror stories of survivors of the shootingUvalde, in Texas. Among the stories, that of Miah Cerilloin class of CM1. “We went to hide behind the backpacks and he shot a comrade right next to me. I felt he was coming back. So I took some of her blood to put it all over my body, I remained motionless and then afterwards, I took the phone from my mistress’s body and I called the emergency services”says the little girl.

The parents of Lexie, 10 years old, massacred with an assault rifle, cannot contain their anger. “We had promised him that we would eat ice cream together in the evening. But that morning I dropped my daughter off at school and that decision will haunt me for the rest of my life.”cries his mother. The pediatrician who received the children at the hospital claims that some were pulverized and decapitated by the impact of bullets from the assault rifle. He pleaded with politicians to review the gun law in order to save lives.



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