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Health insurance: how to get cheaper insurance when you have a low income?

Who can benefit from Complementary Solidarity Health?

To request the complementary health solidarity since April 1, 2022, you must benefit from health insurance (professional activity or stable and regular residence in France) and not exceed the maximum resource limit.

Thus, if you receive less than 9203 euros in annual income, you are entitled to the supplementary protection of solidarity health, which gives access to medical consultations, treatments, dental care, optics, hearing aids, medical equipment without prepayment. .

  • If you receive less than 12,921 euros in annual income, you can benefit from complementary solidarity health with financial participation.
  • If you receive RSA, you and the members of your household are entitled to supplementary health insurance without financial participation, and its allocation is automatic.
  • Do you receive solidarity allowance for the elderly? And you haven’t worked for 3 months? You have the right to apply for supplementary health insurance with financial participation.

Note that if you have a low income, some mutuals may be available for less than 5 euros per month for young people and less than 10 euros per month for senior profiles.

I find health insurance for less than 10 euros a month

What is the ceiling for resources to benefit from the complementary health solidarity?

The ceiling is set according to the number of people who make up your tax household. The right to supplementary health care depends on the resources that you and the rest of your household had during the 12 months preceding the penultimate month of your application. Social Security specifies that for a request made in January 2022, the reference period to take resources into account runs from December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2021.

What do the resources refer to? For all the amounts you have received, namely income, such as wages and old-age pensions; alimony; regular financial support, including scholarships and cash donations; or gambling winnings…

Ameli income ceiling table
Ameli income ceiling table

Sygesikring offers an online simulator to find out if you are entitled to supplementary health insurance.

How much do you need to contribute to benefit from Solidarity Complementary Health?

If the supplementary health solidarity without financial contribution is awarded to you, it will not cost you anything and will take effect from the date shown on the certificate of entitlement.

If you are asked for a financial contribution, it will not exceed 1 euro per day and per person. The amount of the contribution is calculated according to the age of each member of your household on 1 January of the year in which you are entitled to supplementary health insurance. The health insurance cites the following examples:

  • For a family with a 51-year-old parent and two dependent children aged 16 and 22, the contribution is 21 euros per month for the 51-year-old and 8 euros per month for each of the children, i.e. a total of 37 euros per month.
  • For a household consisting of two people, one aged 67 and the other aged 72, pay the sum of 55 euros per month, that is, 25 euros for the person aged 67 and 30 euros for the person aged 72.

How do you apply for supplementary health insurance?

You can download an application form (also available in your Ameli account) or get it from your Caisse d’Assurance Maladie. Be careful, fill out only one file for your entire household.

Collect all the necessary documents and in particular the tax notice or tax return (ASDIR) and the notice of property tax, local housing tax; and proof of the tax and social status of the country(ies) if you have stayed abroad within the previous 12 months.

The case must be sent by post to the health insurance fund on which you depend. You can also submit it yourself.

After receiving the complete file, your Caisse d’Assurance Maladie will review your request within 2 months and inform you of its decision. If the answer is positive, remember to update your Vitale card!

Good to know: If you are self-employed and you have financial difficulties, consider calling “Hjælp”, a new system that combines Urssaf, child benefit, pension insurance and health insurance. Purpose: to promote access to rights, care and social assistance.



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