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Health: yes, it is possible to have mutual insurance for less than 5 euros a month!

Although it is not only the price that counts in relation to pension and insurance, the size of the contribution is still a key factor. If there is health insurance at a rather high price, it is possible to take out mutual insurance for less than 5 euros per month. This health insurance will make it possible to supplement the health insurance reimbursements. Let’s take stock of the most available prices according to the profiles.

I find the cheapest health insurance

Young policyholders pay less for their mutual

To pay less than 5 euros a month for your health insurance, you generally have to be young. In fact, people under 25 can benefit from a mutual insurance contract from 4.90 euros per month*, according to data from, which reveals the observed rate.

How much do senior profiles pay for health insurance?

The elderly pay more for their health insurance, especially because of an increased risk of developing health problems. It is still possible to find insurance from 7.50 euros/month. However, retired seniors will pay a little more and the most affordable price is around 10 euros per month for their mutual insurance.

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Freelancers can also pay less

According to data from, self-employed workers can find mutual insurance for less than 10 euros per month, with a starting price of around 6.30 euros per month. It all depends on age and region. These elements may actually explain the differences in rates for mutual insurance companies.

Compare contracts if your health insurance is too expensive

If you find that the amount of your mutual insurance is too high, know that it is possible to compare simply and for free. The savings are significant, as you can lower your insurance on average by almost 38 euros per month when you are a single senior and even by almost 70 euros per month when you are in a relationship!

However, the level of coverage will have an impact on the price of the insurance. Note that some mutuals reimburse better than others, some will cover up to 400% of your dental care or hospitalization. However, for maximum coverage, it is sometimes better to pay a little more each month than to have to pay a large amount in case of illness or accident.

*Data from the frequency observed in 2022 on different profiles, 22-year-old employee in Metz, 56-year-old resident in Quimper…



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