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Here are four cat breeds you absolutely must avoid, says a vet

Who better than a vet to give an informed opinion on the cat breeds that bring him the most work?

It is a fact, some breeds are more fragile than others. “Ben” is a vet in England. In a video posted on the TikTok social network, he provided his Top 4 cat breeds he would never want to own, specifying that this ranking was based on his personal experience and that his choices were his own. This list, which has gone viral, has more than 2.5 million views.

Here are the four breeds of cats that this Tiktokeur vet advises against.

1 – The Persian

The Persian cat. (Photo: Pixabay / Deliabertola)

This cat might have one of the cutest little faces and incredibly soft fur, but “Ben” doesn’t want it on his sofa.

Reason: The Persian and its flattened face are prone to many health problems. “I have seen Persian cats whose noses turned up towards their faces and whose eyes bulged out of their faces”explains the vet.

This upturned nose is also a common cause of breathing problems. And on top of that, the breed has heart, kidney and tooth fragility… That’s a lot for a single cat.

2 – The Scottish fold

Scottish fold cat.  (Photo: Pixabay/Irina Kukuts)

Scottish fold cat. (Photo: Pixabay/Irina Kukuts)

This cat, as the name suggests, has Scottish origins. He especially has the special feature of having ears folded forward, which gives him a very special expression.

This characteristic is due to a cartilage problem, which unfortunately does not only affect the ears: “This cartilage problem is in all the joints, it means they often develop painful arthritis when they’re young. To me it’s just cruel and unfair and I could never stand it.”trust the vet.

3 – The Sphinx

The sphinx cat (Photo: Pixabay / Pexels)

The sphinx cat (Photo: Pixabay / Pexels)

This completely hairless cat breed rarely leaves anyone indifferent. There are those who love it and those who never will.

“Ben” the vet belongs to the second category. This is the only reason – therefore purely subjective – that he placed the sphinx in his classification of races to avoid. “I have nothing against them, but I prefer to cuddle a cat with a lot of hair” he explains.

4 – Bengal

The Bengal cat (Photo: Pixabay / Lshman000)

The Bengal cat (Photo: Pixabay / Lshman000)

It’s a beautiful cat! Its coat resembles that of a leopard, and its size is rather larger than most domestic cats.

Why doesn’t “Ben” want it at home? “What many people don’t know is that this is a hybrid cat between a type of domestic cat and a breed of wild cat, the Asiatic leopard. They are wild in behavior and temperament.”he says. And now it’s the cats’ turn! 4 breeds I wouldn’t buy as a vet #learnontiktok #catlovers #miaow #veterinary #benthevet ♬ Waiting For Heartache – BLVKSHP

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