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how much did the units of account give over 10 years?

Savers are strongly encouraged to fill their life insurance contracts with unit-linked products, which are riskier than the Euro fund, whose capital is guaranteed. A winning strategy? A report describes the performance of these units of account over the past 10 years.

How much are units of account worth, these supports which make it possible to invest in shares, in real estate or in bonds, for example within the framework of a life insurance contract? Savers are increasingly encouraged to dedicate a portion of their money to these investment funds. According to figures published on Friday by France Assureurs, since the beginning of the year, 39% payments on life insurance contracts were made on unit-linked units, potentially more profitable than the guaranteed capital Eurofund, but also riskier.

A report by France Assureurs, published in September, also reviews the performance of unit-linked products over the past 10 years. And they were not linear. Far from. Between 2012 and 2018, the average performance of unit-link life insurance and capitalization contracts was not as expected. Returns, minus management fees and social and tax deductions, went from +10.2% -8.9%. A damn year after year explained especially by stock market fluctuations, the image of the CAC 40 index, whose performance is also uneven.

The relative correlation between CAC 40 and the units of account

The returns on these assets seem to go along with the falls and rises in the CAC 40. When in 2013increases CAC 40 +18%the units of account recorded a performance of +7.1% . The following year, however, the CAC 40 stood at half a pole (-0.5%) while the UCs ended up in the green (+5.1%). IN 2018units of account almost lost 9% with a decrease in CAC 40 (-11%).

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But the connection is not automatic. IN 2020despite a decline in 7.1% for CAC 40, unit-linked units recorded an average gain of +1.1%. Conversely, the stock market broke records in 2021 with a jump on +28.9%. The CPUs have struggled to reach the same level with one +9.1%.

Provision of support in billing units

but for 2022, the performance is more than uncertain. The CAC 40 registered a fall of -12% since the beginning of the year. We can therefore expect a decrease on the unit-linked side as well.

Life insurance: CAC 40’s impact on units of account



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