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here are the foods to absolutely avoid to be perfectly healthy

Sugar is hiding everywhere! Processed products contain much more than we might think. And for our health, it is time to be properly informed. Indeed, for more than five years, health authorities have been challenging the world population on this subject. Sugar is addictive and delicious, but to live a long and healthy life, you have to limit your consumption. Our newspaper colleagues Free lunch once again alert the public to this point. And Objeko can only follow in their footsteps as this subject is of public interest. Limiting your sugar intake is essential. But some products manage to hide them better than others. This is why you have to be particularly vigilant.

Healthy eating is one of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle

As our colleagues at Free lunch, in France, it is the national agency for food safety (Anses) which publishes important recommendations about the consumption of sugar. The agency “recommends that adults consume no more than 100g of total sugars per day and no more than one sugary drink (with a preference for fruit juices)”, can we read. A recommendation that is more or less based on the alert of the WHO (World Health Organization), in 2015. There too it was a question of encouraging the population, of the whole planet, to limit their consumption of sugar. The focus was also on foods that contain added, hidden, concealed sugars.

The thing is, sugar can make us feel like we’re tasting a delicious product. It’s hard to find a person who could say they don’t like sugar. And for good reason, it is present everywhere! But depending on the products, in greater or lesser quantities. Above all, it is necessary to make the difference between the products which contain it naturally and the others. Fruit is always recommended. But limit fruit juices. Because, sugar brings absolutely nothing to the body. It only weighs it down since it consists of empty calories.

And as we told you above, some sugars are hidden in the products that make up our diet. Our colleagues recall once again then the words of the WHO. “Most of the sugars consumed today are ‘hidden’ in processed foods that are not generally considered sweet.“, can we read. Sauces and sodas are the worst students in this case. For example, did you know that there are approximately 4 grams of sugar in a teaspoon of ketchup? But also up to 40 grams in a can of soda? Objeko no doubt that some of its readers will be taken aback. Unfortunately, the list is long!

Sugar is hiding everywhere!

It is becoming more and more urgent to limit your sugar consumption. Some will even be rather radical and will prefer to eliminate sodas from their diet. A wise decision that will allow them to take care of their health in a single gesture. Always as specified by our colleagues from the newspaper Midday Freethe health authorities share similar recommendations on the site They call on people to “limit as much as possible fruit juices, whatever they are, sugary drinks, sodas, even lights, and so-called ‘energy’ drinks which are very sweet. In any case, no more than one glass per day. »can we read.

Also, doctors join the official recommendations. They therefore speak directly to their patients in the office or in the media to appeal to more people. According to them, food is also a matter of pleasure and habit. It is therefore not enough to repeat that sugar is bad for health in excess for behavior to change. We must also talk about the concrete risks. Obesity, overweight, cholesterol, diabetes, dental disease or cardiovascular disease. But above all, we must remember that adopting a healthy diet is not the prison. On the contrary, it is possible to enjoy healthy foods.

Certainly, Objeko Granted, maybe we all tend to look at food in a different way. Some will treat the subject as a medical aspect and others as the real pleasure of the table. It is therefore important to remember that these two notions are far from being incompatible. It would even be essential to allow them to live together so that the consumption of sugar finally decreases.



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