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Here is the most effective slimming cream according to 60 million consumers

In the context of weight loss, it is essential to combine physical activity and a balanced diet. But some slimming creams can give a little boost. Provided you choose them well. Here are the most effective according to 60 million consumers.

To fight against cellulite and refine its silhouette, many turn to slimming creams. But it is often difficult to make a choice, as the panel is vast. To help users, the association 60 million consumers has screened nine slimming creams.


And three stand out. Among the best rated, we find the Weleda brand massage oil, which obtains 12.5/20. For hydration, practicality and tolerance, this birch oil is considered “very good” and its slimming power is considered “acceptable”. As for his health assessment, the association awarded an A.

60 million consumers also gave a score of 12.5/20 to Body Fit cream from Clarins. It is considered “good” for firmness, hydration, practicality and tolerance. Its slimming power is qualified as “acceptable” and it obtains an A in its appreciation concerning health.

Finally, the podium of the most effective creams is completed by the Esthederm cream, also rated 12.5/20. Its slimming power is considered “acceptable”. For skin hydration and practicality, it is considered “good”. However, this product received a C in its health rating.



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