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Here is the simple trick to converse your bread 3 times longer!

Bread is a food that is consumed in large quantities. And this, especially in France, which is a country renowned for this. So, here is a unique trick to help keep your bread 3 times longer!

Bread, a very popular food!

It is a food that is consumed in very large quantities in our country and in our culture.

The latter has been present for centuries on our plates, and it can be found in many forms. Whether baguette, bread, or country bread, it is present in different forms. And this, to be able to satisfy all the consumers that we find.

But the bread is also accompanied in many dishes, allowing to be able to have a different aspect. It is also accompanied by many products, such as for making sandwiches, or French toast.

But despite its success, which is no longer to be deplored in France, it is important to know that it is a food that does not keep well. Indeed, it is important to consume it fairly quickly after buying it.

Thus, we are going to reveal various tips to you in order to keep it three times longer!

Keep your bread longer!

It is important to understand that bread is a food that does not keep well.

Indeed, the latter is in particular often dry after having been exposed to the open air. And it is particularly highly sensitive to external elements.

So, to help you keep it and in particular make big savings, we are going to give you some tips.

Choose the right place

Like any food, it is very important to have to choose a specific and adequate place to store it.

First of all, you should know that bread, when it is made from 100% wheat flour, dries faster than the others. If the dough contains rye, the bread will stay juicy for several days. In fact, rye, whole wheat or sourdough bread keeps much longer.

To be able to preserve this food, it is important to choose a specific box. The latter is commonly called a bread bin.

Old woven wicker bread bin - Le Sélectionneur - Online flea market

And it is available in many materials, allowing you to have a more or less significant impact.

To keep your bread fresh longer, you can also store it in a simple airtight ceramic lunch box. The latter will absorb excess moisture, which will guarantee a fresh appearance to the latter.

Put an apple in the box!

This is a fairly specific and unusual trick that we are currently offering you.

Indeed, who would have the idea of ​​placing an apple in the box in which your bread is located. But this trick can bring great utility!

To preserve the freshness of the bread, simply add an apple cut in half to the airtight box. It gradually releases the moisture from the dough.

Drying is therefore greatly limited when this ingredient is present in it. But it allows in particular to be able to keep the softness of the gingerbread, which can save you many meals.

If you don’t have one on hand, a potato, a stalk of celery or a piece of sugar will work the same way!

Freeze your bread

Many people use this trick to be able to keep their bread for much longer than average.

To do this, simply cut your bread into slices, or put it in cellophane. And you will have to put it in the freezer.

As soon as you feel like eating bread, all you have to do is take a slice or two out of the freezer and toast it. This will make it crispy, but also to be able to keep a large quantity of bread!

Be careful, however, not to use your microwave to defrost your bread. It will rather soften it and impact its quality. Also be careful not to freeze food that has already been frozen. Because it can greatly impact the proliferation of bacteria and affect your health.



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