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The cream of Hollywood snaps up the services of Johnny Depp’s lawyer

Shis recital-like performance did not go unnoticed. As reported by New York Postthe legal victory of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard allowed lawyer Camille Vasquez to be placed under the spotlight of All-Hollywood.

By exposing a fierce cross-examination, undermining the defense of Amber Heard by pointing the finger at numerous contradictions, the 37-year-old lawyer has undoubtedly just experienced a turning point in her career since she is now courted by the most large firms and several media, who dream of putting it on the air.

“The agents are rushing because they see a unicorn in her,” said a producer interviewed by the American newspaper. “She is an intelligent, clever and composed lawyer. His performance at the trial gave him an unprecedented level of visibility. The fact that it comes from diversity is a bonus,” he also believes.

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During more than six weeks of a trial followed by the whole world, Camille Vasquez managed to convince the seven jurors of the Fairfax court and thwart all the predictions, while some lawyers admitted that they would never have taken the risk. to defend the famous interpreter of Jack Sparrow. As a reminder, Amber Heard was ordered to pay 10 million dollars in damages to her client, after the verdict of the jurors.

A rich promotion to come

Thanks to her perfect knowledge of the case, the member of the prestigious American firm Brown Rudnick was preferred to her colleague Kathleen Zellner, 64, who was Johnny Depp’s first choice. The one who was only a simple employee during the procedure could, according to our colleagues, very soon be appointed partner in her firm, with a nice salary increase at the end of the day. Unless she gives in to the sirens of more enticing proposals, which are not lacking after her capital performance.

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“It’s almost shocking that she wasn’t made a partner before the trial and hasn’t been since. The biggest firms dream of hiring him”, insists the producer again to the New York newspaper.



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