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his master prosecuted in court

Alerted by the cries and cries of the animal, a neighbor warned the gendarmes. They intervened on December 24, 2021, a little after midnight, at the home of the dog’s owner in Uckange. The Dogo Argentino was injured. He had several wounds, one of which will require an operation following his treatment. The gendarmes found traces of blood on the floor and on the walls. The emaciated animal was probably hit with a stick. Its owner, a 26-year-old man, was drunk when authorities arrived.

He is being prosecuted before the Thionville Criminal Court for serious abuse or act of cruelty to an animal. He did not comment on the charges against him. He did not appear at the hearing on Tuesday, nor was he represented by a lawyer.

Permanent ban on keeping an animal

The defendant was unknown to the courts until now. But the gendarmes had already been contacted a few months earlier by the neighborhood, worried about the fate reserved for the dog.

In December, the Thionville prosecutor’s office ordered the placement of the young Dogo Argentino in a shelter run by a specialized association pending trial. The deputy prosecutor requested a six-month suspended prison sentence against the master as well as a definitive ban on keeping an animal and the confiscation of the injured dog.

The court will deliver its decision on Tuesday, June 21.



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