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How do you pay less for your Christmas shopping?

It is possible to spend less while having fun on vacation! Don’t put pressure on yourself, there are several tips that will help you save a lot of money. We give you 6 simple to set up to have a sweet Christmas on a controlled budget.

Christmas is approaching and when we are hosts, we start to wonder what to prepare for our loved ones. Whether we are 2, 4, 6, 8 or more, we always try to save money while having fun for the whole table. Good news, partying without breaking the bank is possible, and to ease your receipt, there is good advice. We give you 6 🤩!

Quick and economical tip: for an aperitif, prepare or buy more puff pastry. With these you will be able to make different appetizer recipes: puff pastry with sausages and sesame, puff pastry, goat cheese lollipop.

Are you running out of recipe ideas to make for Christmas? Enjoy our book “Christmas cooking“including 60 festive recipes for a magical and gourmet meal with Marmiton!🎄

Christmas cooking – 60 festive recipes

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Make a Christmas menu 📖

Establishing your Christmas menu will allow you to realize what you (really) need and adjust accordingly. Count the number of toasts for aperitif, if you want to offer someone, which side dishes for your main course, which desserts and which drinks.

This will structure your purchases and save you money.😊

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Take inventory in your cupboards 🏠

Before you go to your supermarket, check if there are ingredients on your shopping list that you already have in your cupboards. This will save you from buying ingredients that will not be useful during the holidays.

Set a budget of €

Set yourself a budget. This is one of the first steps to put in place to set limits and not spend too much. To establish it, you need to calculate your fixed expenses over the month, for example water, electricity, telephone subscription, from your salary, and calculate how much you have left at the end of the month.

On this remaining part, you must count your gift budget and with what you have left, allocate an amount per guest at the meal. If you are 4 and you want to put 10 euros per person for the meal, or 40 euros in total. Remember to include wines, sparkling wines or champagne in this total basket, because these types of products quickly increase the price of the receipt.

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Homemade 👨‍🍳

The ideal is to cook your home-cooked meal. It’s always a cheaper trick than buying ready meals or desserts, and you’ll be proud of the result. 😊

Buy sensibly 🛒

During the holidays, we like to rejoice and sometimes we get carried away in the crowds. We have eyes that are bigger than our stomachs because we want to please everyone. When the meal is over, we have a lot of food left on our hands, which we will consume for several days. To save on your Christmas shopping, try to buy sensibly.

As an aperitif, you should e.g. focus on two qualitative toasts rather than 5/6 different ones. Similarly, avoid buying 3 boxes of chestnuts if one is sufficient. 😋

Compare prices 👀

On the shelves, don’t hesitate to look at the kilo prices and weights to compare the products. Be aware of the tempting promotions at the top of the gondolas in your supermarket, the prices are often higher in reality. Look again at the price per kilo.

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This advent calendar is not like the others, it will allow you to be ready for the Christmas meal!

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