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How do you protect your tree from attacks by your cat?

It is possible to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree with a few tricks. Adobe Stock

Does your cat enjoy playing in your Christmas tree and knocking over your decorations? However, it is possible to have a beautiful tree to celebrate the end of the year, even with a cat at home. Why do cats attack the Christmas tree? How do you protect your tree? Explanations.

If the acrobatics in your cat usually makes you smile, probably less so around Christmas time. After spending a long Sunday painstakingly decorating your Christmas tree, you definitely don’t want your cat attacking the branches… Know that it is possible to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree so you can enjoy the holidays without worrying about how your decoration looks.

Why do cats attack Christmas trees?

The Christmas tree with its decorations usually arouses great interest in cats, so much so that it is sometimes difficult to prevent your pet from wanting to play with it.

In fact, the Christmas tree combines several aspects that make it irresistible to your cat:

  • This new element in the house arouses great interest. Your cat will naturally feel the need to examine it, smell it or even explore it.
  • Garlands, balls and figures are sparkling and colorful ornaments that can only catch your cat’s eye: they are giant toys.
  • Finally, the cat is generally an excellent climber. A tree in your house is a new attraction that allows it to gain height and make its claws. Climbing and monitoring its environment is a natural need for cats.

How do you protect your tree from attacks by your cat?

As soon as the Christmas tree is bought, it is only natural to be impatient to decorate it. However, it is better to wait a few days. This period will give your cat the necessary time to discover this newcomer.

After this adjustment phase, the decoration can begin. For this step, it is recommended to occupy your cat in another room. Installing garlands, figures and balls on the tree can quickly become a new playground for your pet. It is also not recommended to put the Christmas decorations too low, your cat will be tempted to play with them.

If your cat continues to show signs of wanting to climb or play with the tree, other solutions are available to you:

  • You can spray the branches and trunk of the tree with a mixture of citrus fruits and water
  • You can use cat repellent, which is available at a pet shop or vet
  • You can also add some decorations made of citrus peel

Where should you put your tree when you have a cat?

The location of the Christmas tree is also an important consideration to prevent your cat from climbing it.

First of all, be careful not to place your Christmas tree near furniture that your cat can climb on to jump into the branches afterwards.

Finally, to stabilize your tree in case of possible attacks, reinforce its base by planting it in a container filled with sand or fixing it against the wall.




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