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how dogs must outwit their prey

INFOGRAPHIC – In the footsteps of big game, they swallow tens of kilometers and demonstrate flawless instinct. In the middle of a debate about weekend hunting, a practice that combines hunting and walks in the woods.

Saint-Louis led his herds with the gray dogs brought back from the Crusades, François I, Henri IV and Louis XIV, with the king’s white dogs. By then the forest was dotted with relays to compensate for their lack of speed. We went out and replaced the exhausted animals in the herd. In the 19th century, the breeds improved thanks to the many provincial hunters who selected the best lines. The dogs become more resilient, faster. The crossings lead to the nine current breeds of hunting dogs on horseback.

The way, the smell of the animal, remains a mystery. A perfect route will be the result of an absolute equality between the temperature of the earth and the air. It will also depend on the degree of heating of the animal. Hunting community

Great tricolor Anglo-French, large white and black Anglo-French…

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