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Ice cream headache: can it be dangerous?

In these hot weather, it is very tempting to bite into an ice cream to cool off. But when they eat an ice cream too quickly, some people experience severe headaches. Why are some victims and not others? Is it dangerous? How to cure it ? We take stock.

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What is it about ?

You eat an ice cream, a very cold drink or you inhale icy air, and suddenly, you feel a strong headache generally on the forehead or on the temples, more rarely in the back of the head. The pain for about twenty seconds, then disappears. Do not panic: it is absolutely not dangerous. This is a well-known phenomenon: the “Brain freeze” or, in French, “ice cream headache”.

What is it due to?

The pain is triggered when cold food comes into contact with the blood vessels of the palate. They contract and then tighten, alerting the nerves that send the pain information to the brain and trigger this migraine.

Who does she touch?

“Brain freeze” occurs in about one in two people who consume frozen food. People vulnerable to migraines are even more affected. Eating frozen foods regularly can also promote the onset of this symptom.

How to cure it ?

No need to completely stop eating ice cream! By eating more slowly and swallowing smaller bites, or by ensuring that the ice does not come into contact with the soft palate, you should avoid most “brain freezes”.

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