In French canteens, the pigs of anguish

In French canteens, the pigs of anguish

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EXAMINATION. The most consumed meat in France seems to be disappearing in school canteens in certain cities. And especially.

By Erwan Seznec

The official line is that the canteen must “educate in taste”, goes the established expression.

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Jambon, roast, loin, coppa, grattons, lardons, filet mignon… Since the statistics on the subject have been available, pork has always been the favorite meat of the French, just ahead of poultry. Popular with children, cheap and easy to cook, its advantages are obvious. According to the latest data from France Agrimer, the French eat 87.5 kg of meat per year, including 32 kg of pork, 30 kg of poultry and 23 kg of beef, home meals and food out of the house combined. Pork alone thus represents a volume equivalent to all the shellfish consumed in our country (33 kg/year/inhabitant).

In canteens, it’s a different story. First, a question about rules. The texts that frame school meals are as different as they are close: recommendations…

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