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In pictures, in videos: return to Montpellier Reine, with 9,400 participants and a million euros reached

On this Sunday, May 26, Mother’s Day, the streets of Montpellier will see thousands of people walking by in blue shirts, most of which symbolize the fight against breast cancer.

For its 15th anniversary, the traditional Montpellier Reine race is still an event. Almost 10,000 participants run – or walk – for a good cause on a 4.8 km course through the streets of the city centre, departing from Peyrou at 11 a.m.

All profits will be donated to breast cancer prevention, screening and research. And this year, the organizers hope to cross the million euros collected since the creation of the event.

Good mood required

This festive and colorful race is intended for a good cause… You can come dressed up or not, before you put on the jersey – this year in blue – and cover the route together in a good mood.

Among the participants

Sarah, who participates with the association Les Parenthesis de Marie…

Sarah, from Montpellier, who suffered from cancer 4 years ago, explains how she takes part in the Montpellier Reine

— Midi Libre Montpellier (@MLMontpellier) 26 May 2024

Like Anne

Or even Nerthe, also very invested in the association.

nerthe gives gymnastics lessons to cancer patients within Parentheses de Marie at the Clementville clinic in Montpellier

— Midi Libre Montpellier (@MLMontpellier) 26 May 2024

And lawyers…

During the warm-up we see the impressive number of participants.

Warming up just before the start...
Warming up just before the start…
Midi Libre – Jean-Michel Mart
Really good warm up...
Really good warm up…
Midi Libre – Jean-Michel Mart

In a very festive atmosphere…

Music, dance, disguises… It’s all there.

Until the well-deserved arrival…

Even the mayor of Montpellier gave of himself

Among the 9,400 participants in Montpellier Reine, Montpellier’s mayor, together with Christian Assaf, was chosen for sport

— Midi Libre Montpellier (@MLMontpellier) 26 May 2024

And the result is there:

Barbara Pastre, creator of Montpellier Reine, satisfied with the record broken for this 15th edition 9,400 participants? €135,000 raised? €1 million for 15 years \ud83d\udc4f\ud83d\udc4f\ud83d\udc4f

— Midi Libre Montpellier (@MLMontpellier) 26 May 2024

With 135,000 euros collected for this edition, it reached the million euro in 15 years of existence.



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