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Montmoreau: The Puzzle of Stray Cats

Stray cats have especially taken up residence near the railroad tracks.


She leans against her window, worrying about her balance. The birds that are hunted, whose bodies sometimes litter his garden, become prey in a biodiversity where they play their part. But also for his tame cat, who a few months ago developed an infectious abscess from the bottom, luckily without any consequences other than the vet. It could have been Feline Leukosis or Feline AIDS, two devastating and deadly diseases.

Jean-Michel Bolvin, the mayor, and his councilor, Corinne Charrannat, took up the case.

Jean-Michel Bolvin, the mayor, and his councilor, Corinne Charrannat, took up the case.


And she is not the only one who laments this scourge to the extent that the town hall, which is competent in the matter, is launching a major sterilization campaign this summer. A first in the city in memory of the mayor Jean-Michel Bolvin. The latter, however, already performed this exercise when he was chief judge of Saint-Amant. Dangerous, according to his memory.

Get chipped cats

“Most cats are not microchipped,” explains Corinne Charrannat, the municipal councilor responsible for the case. “However, any unidentified cat that is caught will be sterilized, so we must first communicate well with the population. We must give each owner time to comply before we start the campaign. »

But tattooing your pet is a legal obligation, recalls Jean-Jacques Leroy, veterinarian in Montmoreau: “All carnivorous domestic animals must have a microchip from the age of four months or from any transfer. “What is often held for dogs is less so for felines ,” because they are often given away for free, not bred, and so they don’t run away unlike dogs. »

The editors advise you

They do not run away, but multiply. According to a curve produced by the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation, a pair of cats can give birth to 20,736 individuals in four years, a rapid spread that can only be mitigated by sterilization.

To do this, the town hall must enter into an agreement with an organization such as SPA or 30 million friends, but also with a veterinarian who must apply a social tariff. However, the city of Montmoreau has earmarked a budget item of several thousand euros for this campaign, a cost for which it hopes to be eligible for state aid.

Repro CL

As for the future of sterilized cats, they will be tattooed with a tag to be recognized as having been neutered and then released at the place where they were captured. They will then become the free cats of Montmoreau, who will have no legal obligation to them, except in the event of an accident or injury, here again it is up to the town hall to solve the problem, and consequently to all those administered. .



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