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Out of excitement or revenge, a dog reacts provocatively when he sees his mistress come home (video)

An internet user called Zoe Heaney on TikTok shared one of his dogs’ silliness recently on his account. The clip, forwarded by Newsweek, went viral and greatly amused users of the platform. The woman, for her part, admitted to having been annoyed by her fur ball’s behavior.

Zoe is an animal lover. She shares her everyday life with 2 dogs, whom she calls “thelittle ladies”. It is a joy for her every day to be able to spend time with her animals, which she loves so much. She often posts videos of her canines on social networks.


A disturbing reaction

But as adorable as they are, they’re still young dogs and they can get up to mischief. Zoe recently paid the price when she returned home one day. Her four-legged friend is used to waiting for her at the window when she arrives. They are very excited to see her come home and show their joy by wagging their tails, but not only that.

One day one of the women decided to do more to prove her happiness by seeing her human again. She was sitting by the window, standing in profile and urinating. Zoe, on the other side of the glass, watched her helplessly. She joked about TikTok claimed her dog had provoked her on purpose.

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@zoeheaney #dogsoftikt #dogsbehaving very badly? original sound – Zoe Heaney

If Zoe explains to have been ” angry “At the time, internet users, for their part, rather found the scene funny: “ I’ve seen the scene 5 times and I’m crying with laughter » wrote a woman, « It was personal » assured another person, ” Did the dog really just pee against your wall? “hallucinated a third.

Some have suggested Zoe to take training classes and thought his dog was not clean. Maybe he was just too happy to accommodate himself in any sense of the word!



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