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in the Dordogne, puppies bought at a salon die of parvovirus


Purchased between 1,500 and 1,600 euros

Tya, a cream-colored golden retriever, had just turned two months old. Bought for 1,500 euros from one of the 17 breeders at the show on Saturday May 28, she died five days later in the veterinary practice where she had been hospitalized. A heartbreak for his mistress Marine Ladoire who confided his distress to subscribers of the Pattes en cavale Facebook page on Wednesday June 8: “Tya joined the stars because suffering from canine parvovirus, a second puppy is hospitalized for the same pathology… If you are experiencing the same problem, get in touch with me, ”wrote the young heavyweight driver.

Shared nearly 400 times on social networks, Marine’s cry of anger quickly resonated with visitors to the puppy show. “My parents bought a Jack Russel puppy at the exhibition center on Sunday May 29 and he died the following Sunday,” says Virginie, a Francilienne whose family lives around Périgueux. “My loulou died four days ago,” laments in turn Vanessa, a nurse living in Ribéracois. Others, barely luckier, admit to having had cold sweats when they saw their dog come close to death. Claudine, an Asterian, thought she had lost Trésor, her two-month-old pug, when she dropped him off at the vet two days after buying him for 1,600 euros at the show. “The professional who examined her put her on a drip, but she was pessimistic about her chances of survival”, testifies the mistress of Trésor.

The bereaved masters seized the breeder organizer of the show, Francis Duprat, to request reimbursement of the sums incurred for the purchase of the puppy and the veterinary expenses, which amount to several hundred euros. “Everything will be settled”, assures Francis Duprat, who speaks of three deaths, “no more”. To the attacks, the Toulouse breeder opposes “the thesis of an accidental spread of the virus”.

“It is enough to stroke an infected animal for another to be affected as well”, admits the Saint-Astier veterinarian, Florence Verlinden, who treated two of the sick puppies. Still, “the virus is especially deadly when the animals are not vaccinated or primary-vaccinated”, says the practitioner. “All the animals were vaccinated twice, at six weeks and two months, defends Francis Duprat. But as everyone knows, the vaccine does not neutralize the disease”.

Will the argument convince owners of dead and sick dogs? Some of the buyers are considering filing a lawsuit against the show organizer. “They will have our support, assures Éliane Rigaux, the president of the SPA of Périgueux. Once the complaints have been filed, we will be a civil party”.



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