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Shortage of tampons ‘strains’ American women

This is the latest controversy that swells on social networks. Is the United States running out of tampons? request Bloomberg. “Yes, there is a shortage of tampons, here is why”, responds in title washington post.

“Major Tampon Manufacturers in the United States Pledge to Produce More Hygiene Products to Address Shortage in the Country”summarizes the BBC.

“Online forums and drugstore aisles seem to be teeming with comments about unsuccessful searches for period products”details the washington post. This new shortage, which “puts consumers to the test” is a “a consequence of the same forces that are thwarting the global economy – from soaring raw material and fuel costs, to labor shortages, to disruptions in supply chains”.

10% inflation for one package

As a result, prices for tampons and sanitary napkins have “skyrocketed amid this crisis, at a time when historic inflation is pushing households to pay more for gas, groceries and other essentials,” notes the daily life of the capital. “The average cost of a pack of tampons has increased by nearly 10% over the past year, while that of a pack of pads has increased by 8.3%.”

Elise Joy, co-founder of Girls Helping Girls. Period, an ass



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