In the Insurance newsletter of… 14 November 2022

On the cover of the Insurance Letter.

This week, a regional mutual, a struggling reinsurer, growing start-ups, changes in brands and presidents can read in The insurance policy in the week, dated November 14.

On the cover of this issue 1584 of The insurance policy, dated Monday, November 14, 2022, the regional mutual Île-de-France will not revolutionize practice. The 10% of affected customers will be offered an incomplete system…

On page 2, the reinsurance company’s Score is at its lowest this year. Measures must remedy this. At Leader Insurance, we are changing presidents, while two groups are changing brands.

On page 3, Today and Fnim decide on complementary collective health, Alan in the grip of aggressive competitors.

Finally, on page 4, a short sentence from the president that puts pressure and a leader on the debate.

Quick, I need today’s insurance letter!

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