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In the Kerguelen Islands, the puzzle of the eradication of wild cats

Cats have proliferated on the archipelago and are endangering albatross populations. If deemed necessary, their elimination faces several hurdles, logistical and political.

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n asked us not to tell you too much about it. Wishing to fill the awkward silence that follows his remark, our interlocutor goes in search of a sponge to wipe up the coffee that the roll of the Marion Dufresne has caused to overflow from our cups placed on the non-slip carpet of the bar of the ship melting at high speed. towards the Kerguelens. Then to concede: “Yes, we have been trying for a long time to regulate the population of cats on the island. » Regulate? “Castration, chemical or otherwise, is super expensive and very complicated. So we eliminate them. Eliminate, not to say hunt? “I don’t really know if we can talk about hunting,” he dodges, continuing to mechanically clean the already clean counter.

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