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Dog owners furious with environmentalists

Hen or rooster? This is often what we hear when we get a spikelet. In Lyon, we rather ask ourselves: cat or dog? Activists from the BICALY collective denounce the proliferation of spikelets, which are very harmful to urban animals, due to the city’s ecological policy.

The City of Lyon and the Metropolis, in accordance with the ecological policy carried out, maintain their green spaces through reasoned mowing in order to promote perennial, soft and lasting vegetation. Nevertheless, this desire leads to the proliferation of spikelets that are very dangerous for pets.

In total, there are 150,000 dogs in the Metropolis of Lyon and 70,000 in the city. Accidents related to spikelets follow one another and elected officials do not act despite calls. The BICALY collective, Bien-être Canin Lyon, has therefore launched a petition to demand the suspension of reasoned mowing and an immediate collection of cut grass. “We have been alerted by many dog ​​owners. Yesterday we had the return of a woman whose Australian Shepherd received 11 spikelets in the eye, it is catastrophic”explains a representative of the collective. “The veterinarians are saturated. They have to carry out emergency interventions and postpone all their appointments”he continues.

The spikelet is a seasonal grass harmful to health which clings to the hairs and is introduced into the mucous membranes of animals. It can sometimes affect vital organs and cause ulcers, abscesses or even perforation of the eardrum. “We agree on the fact that we cannot afford to mow every week, reasoned mowing is something that must be done in relation to global warming”assures the collective. “However, some pellets are undesirable for humans and animals. This must be corrected, except that it leads to mowing and collecting, therefore a disagreement with the policy carried out for biodiversity.”

The collective alerted the City of Lyon and the Metropolis indicating that the spikelet is invasive and does not ensure quality vegetation but is spreading everywhere, endangering the health of everyday animals. “We ask them to temporarily stop reasoned mowing, even though we know it’s bad for biodiversity. It’s better for animals and humans. We have to choose. We’re not in the Amazon or in the bush but in an urban environment that requires taking care of animals like humans. And the spikelet goes against that”says the BICALY activist.

The City of Lyon did not fail to respond thanks to a preventive page on its site. “It made us jump. It’s nothing more than a page that explains to us that we must keep our dogs on a leash and make them a short size. It is an aberration to advise us to mow our dogs, some breeds need their hair, it is not sanitary acceptable”denounces the activist.

The owners ask elected officials to take into account the preservation of the health of everyday animals in urban areas while continuing on the ecological path. “They don’t do it voluntarily, they are blocked. We want to find common ground and push them to act.”





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