In the lottery, an association wants twin boys from Saint-Céré to become “free cats”

Called Les chats de Saint-Céré, a young association created last year aims to create “free cat” status in Saint-Céré. It is led by Anna Caranta.

The association is not intended as a place of refuge. Its mission is to ensure the maintenance of good living conditions for stray cats living on the territory of the municipality, as well as to carry out an educational effort aimed at harmonizing the relationship between residents and the cat population. The results of this first year are positive: stray cats have been sterilised, looked after, fed and sometimes rescued, confirming the association’s support for the project to see Saint-Céré assume the status of “free cat”, which is currently being developed in many cities in France as well as abroad.

The cat becomes the property of the municipality or association

What is it about ? The “free chat” is an official status recognized by the law of 6. January 1999, which gives it legal protection. Stray cats, in a way, become citizen cats by being sterilized, identified and then released where they were found. This is a great development that recognizes the benefit of a cat population and no longer advocates euthanasia. The free cat is therefore no longer considered a stray cat, it belongs to the municipality or association in whose name it is identified. Sterilization is essential because a pair of cats can produce more than 20,000 offspring in five years. It is therefore used to control the cat population, to avoid euthanasia, to combat animal misery, to maintain the natural balance by letting cats play their role against rodents, especially in a city built on water, and prevent new ones from entering in the territory already occupied.

Once sterilized, cats hardly fight anymore, no longer mark their territory with smelly urine, no longer meow in the middle of the night. It also fights the spread of infectious diseases. The association’s members and volunteers are responsible for ensuring the maintenance of good hygiene and feeding.

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