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In the United States, childcare is becoming more and more expensive

The problem is not new in the United States, but two years of health crisis have made it even worse: to have their children looked after, American parents must pay a high price more than ever, underlines Bloomberg.

58% of families say they will definitely spend more than $10,000 on child care costs this year, according to a survey. “Over 30% of parents surveyed said they would consider taking a second job to cope with rising costs.” But 20% wonder if they would not do better, on the contrary, to stop working altogether to take care of their children themselves.

Consequences for the US economy

Paying a nanny costs an arm and a leg – “on average, no less than 700 dollars [soit un peu plus de 660 euros] per week”. To care for a child after school, currently count a minimum of 200 dollars (191 euros) per week. Even more serious: “During the pandemic, between December 2019 and March 2021, approximately 9,000 child care centers closed nationwide, according to the tally published by Child Care Aware of America.” And many parents testify that it is becoming more and more difficult to find quality childcare services, even at the cost.

A situation with serious consequences for the American economy, analysis Natalie Mayslich, of, “particularly because mothers are kept out of the labor market longer, which has a definite impact on family consumption expenditure”.

“Making childcare more affordable and accessible must become a top priority,” insists Natalie Mayslich. In the meantime, parents are led to radically review their plans: 43% of those questioned declare that they are reluctant to enlarge the family because of the costs that an additional child would represent.



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